Porthpean Sailing Club

Club Walk - March 21st 2010

Preparing to set off

The forecast for the weekend wasnít the best, but we were blessed with a sunny start for the day of our annual Club walk, which this year took us on a circular walk around the St. Neot area. Indeed this year the walk was a little later than normal, but looking at the winter gone by then today proved ideal, being dry and mild.

Ken had walked the walk last week and reported that the route was quite dry and easy to traverse. Kay booked a room at the London Inn for lunch and then 22 members, friends and 2 dogs set off for the trek. Initially we walked on ordinary roads, so no problems there, and then we went into the countryside proper. It had rained during the week and so the promised dry pathways were now rather soggy in places, but in all honesty werenít too bad and proved ideal for the dogs who charged about, covering about 10 times as much distance as we walked. As per a normal walk, we gradually became strung out with the faster walkers setting the pace whilst those wanting to study and appreciate the countryside took a little longer.

Things were going really well until our leader, Ken, realised that we were suddenly in strange surroundings. Out came the maps and heads were scratched, it soon became apparent that the second group had disappeared, and we guessed that they had probably taken the correct route, whilst we had walked by the turning we should have taken. Our dilemma was whether to backtrack and catch the others up or use our map reading skills and tack off to reach the gybe mark via a different route. Well our detour certainly took us over some very difficult terrain with some almost impossible styles and high walls to clamber over. Still we did see some new born lambs in a field as our reward. Anyway we eventually met up with the rest of the party and as a unit we walked the remaining mile or two back into St. Neot where the welcome sight of the London Inn greeted us. The walk took us about 2 ĺ hours and we walked up and down some quite steep hills during its course and our legs told us that we had walked somewhere between 6 and 8 miles.

A little light relief The distance and walk by the river, caused some distress to a few bladders, but due to the terrain most of the men could easily hide away. Not so easy for Lynne, who I caught taking some relief in a ditch as can be seen from the picture. Judging by the smile on her face the picture was obviously taken during or after the event. She could then be seen skipping down the road.

It was a pleasure to be able to go into the pub, where we were met by Stewart Page and Sue Hazell and order a very refreshing pint or two and I think we can all recommend the food that was served. It was very tasty, hot and quickly served.

A big thanks to Kay & Garry for organising the walk and to Ken for reconnoitring it. Maybe the hardest walk next week will be the walk up the slipway after the racing. Iím not looking forward to that!

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