Porthpean Sailing Club

2011 Tasar Open Meeting
April 30 & May 1st

After a somewhat frustrating time on the water during the afternoon when the wind died away completely, curtailing the racing, the fleet retired to the bar in the evening for a social gathering. An almost carnival atmosphere permeated the room as it was the first time this year that many of the visitors had caught up with each other so was a very good time to relax, drink and socialise. In fact several of the visitors were new to Porthpean and hopefully they would go home impressed with the warmth and hospitality which is always provided at Porthpean.

The barrel of Tribute had long been drained by half time, so there was nothing wrong with anyone’s thirst. A meal consisting of Chilli with baked potato was produced by Tony & Lynn Dunn and quickly devoured. Afterwards we were treated to a Tony Dunn Quiz and for once I was on the winning team. I had been going round the room as the quiz had started taking photographs, but when finished plonked myself down at the most convenient table and “joined” the team. The team before I joined consisted of Dave & Lynn Cobbett, Pete & Jan Barnes and Lynn Dunn. I was able to give the answers to 2 of the questions that none of the team knew so wasn’t just a hanger on and as we won by 2 points, my contribution was very positive.

Once again I roamed the Clubhouse with my camera and took a few snaps. Don’t forget these can be magnified by clicking on them.