Porthpean Sailing Club

BBQ & Social
June 30th 2013

After a lovely sunny day in Cornwall, what better way to end it than a BBQ and Ceilidh at the sailing club. Yes, that's what happened last night. Anna, our Social Secretary had organised the evening a week or two ago hoping for the best.

Thanks to everyone for making Saturday night a really fantastic evening. A great spread was put on for the BBQ with Shane, Ken, Paddy and Jeremy all taking it in turns to help out with the cooking (they started getting everything ready at 5 to make sure everything was perfect) and it has to be said they did a great job!

Most people chose to eat inside at the laid out tables, others sat out on the decking taking in the atmosphere of the evening and views over the bay.

After far too much eating we needed a bit of a break before the dancing began, but as always at Porthpean the conversation was flowing and fun was being had by all. The excitement of a raffle looming helped (Thanks to all the raffle prizes donated, some of us are now sporting some lovely t-shirts and tops, smelling lovely and enjoying a nice glass of wine!). In fact so many prizes were donated; I think nearly everyone had a prize to take home.

So then we get to the ceilidh. Always a bit of fun and I think everyone joined in for at least one dance, with the hardcore people enjoying many dances. We got slightly caught out by one dance that sounded easy, until the music started and it was twice the speed we had practiced at, but we all got there amongst some slight collisions and lots of laughter.

Again Anna, Oh, she was working well, was the caller for the different dances. A good mixture of reels and jigs had all laughing and most folk of all ages joining in.

All in all another social success at Porthpean, Lots of fun had by all and a great night! Well done one and all.

Some photos taken during the evening below.

Roll on the August Cup and associated social!

2013 jun social