Porthpean Sailing Club  

2016 Club Walk - Eden to St. Austell
March 13th 2016

Another route was chosen for the annual Club walk this year. This walk was rather nearer to home than some of those in the past. It was a walk from the Eden Project to St. Austell via the Clay trails. Hiking boots were pulled out of hidden cupboards, anoraks pulled on and the motley crew were ready for the challenge.

In glorious spring sunshine 8 members and 2 dogs caught the 10.30 am Eden Bus at St. Austell bus station, collecting others en route to deposit us at Eden, where we were joined by some others making 19 of us in total. It surely is a sign of the times when the majority of the walkers used their bus passes for the journey! Where are all the younger people nowadays? Maybe they did the walk in virtual reality on their phones or note books.

After posing for a group photograph we all set off on a nice dry trail, which took us to Trethurgy and a short walk on a public road, before we rejoined the trail skirting Ball Pit, which eventually brought us out onto the new footbridge spanning the modified A391. Once over the bridge we noticed that we were behind schedule for the original 13.00 arrival in St. Austell so we deviated slightly, using the Scredda back road until we managed to cut down and rejoin the St. Austell- Wheal Martin trail. This brought us out at Menacuddle and it was then a short walk down through the town to arrive at the Hop & Vine at 13.10, 20 minutes early for our rescheduled arrangement with the pub for a Sunday roast.

One or two of us were using walking apps and they all came out with a distance walked of just less than 5 miles, a distance that we all managed with ease. The spring like weather over the last 3 days had dried out most of the muddy patches. The day was sufficiently warm that quite a few coats were discarded and carried rather than worn.

Thanks to Tony for organising a very enjoyable walk with the bonus of beautiful weather.

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