Porthpean Sailing Club  

2016 Prizegiving
January 21st 2017

With only 62 days left to the start of the 2017 season, we gathered in the Clubhouse to present the 2016 prizes. In fact we are almost half way through our self imposed “closed for sailing” period and I noticed that already there are a few itchy feet around looking forward to their next session of blasting around the bay. I set off for the Clubhouse on Saturday night with a temperature of only 4C showing on the car thermometer, yes quite cold and far too cold for me to want to go sailing but fortunately the days are slowly gaining more day light and the daffs and snow drops are flowering and inevitably we will get some tempting weather before our start date. However prizes were the topic for the night and a very pleasing number of members came down to participate, applaud and for some to pick up their prizes.

The prize giving, which has traditionally been held as part of a dinner & dance was moved to a “Clubhouse” function last year. That proved successful and so once again we gathered in the Clubhouse for another social evening. Like last year we were asked to bring a plate of food which when set out on the buffet table looked amazingly appetising and plentiful. In fact every body had more than enough to eat and there was even some left over for the Sunday workers to have a snack before going home after their travails. Our big thanks must go to Tony & Lynn and Jan & Pete who between them had worked overtime to prepare every thing. We also must pay thanks to James & Nigel who between them had ordered all the prizes and ensured that they were all engraved with the correct names on them and lined up ready to go.

After the main prizes had been presented it was time for one or two “specials”. First the “cock up cup” was announced. There was a lot of heads going down, just dreading whether they would be nominated or not. In the end it came down to only 2 people. Paddy was nominated for sailing his B14 onto the Rocks. He was convinced that he was well clear of them, but some sudden climatic change had moved the rocks and he had the inevitable collision. The other nominee was Beacky and Kelvin who had suffered some toe strap failures during the season which resulted in Kelvin leaving the boat in a hurry. Comments of “Lack of maintenance” were heard but hotly denied by Beacky. Anyway a vote was taken from the baying crowd and the chosen winner was PADDY.

The finest trophy of all “The Capsize Trophy” was then held aloft. Who was going to win this one? Once again a lot of heads were looking downwards hoping that it wasn’t going to be them until the name “Steve Wingrove” was announced. Yes Steve with some very wet moments over the season had managed to hang on to the trophy he had worked so hard for. Who knows with a newer RS400 on the cards, another campaign this year could ensure a hat trick, which has never been achieved before.

Once again I managed to get a snap or two of most people as can be seen on the collage below. Clicking on any picture will provide an enlargement.