Porthpean Sailing Club  
67 Years of Racing, 1951-2018

2017 prizegiving
January 20th 2018

It was a very dark, cold and windy night as we walked down to the Club from parking the car. The sky was clear of all the cloud cover that we had suffered from during the day and the extra darkness without any street lighting was perfect for seeing the myriad of starts shining down on us. It was a different world inside the Clubhouse, warm, friendly and a very nice gathering of over 40 members who had arrived for the prize giving for all our heroics and endeavours that we had fought so hard for during the 2017 season.

As in previous years catering was provided by the members with a self produced buffet; and what a tremendous buffet it was. There was a fantastic variety of all sorts of food and more importantly there was more than enough for everybody and after the evening was formerly opened by Paddy it was time to circumnavigate the buffet table and retire to our own tables to eat and drink and of course converse.

Tony circulated, selling raffle tickets for a raffle with a difference – more to come.

Then it was James’s turn to fire up his computer and deliver the prize giving announcements ably helped by Paddy eager to shake all the prize winners hands. To much applause and in some cases, lots of merriment the prizes were handed out, photographs were taken and then we came to Tony’s raffle with a difference. Tony announced that there would be 6 prizes and all 6 prizes in their different shapes and sizes were displayed on the table and then all 6 winners were allowed in order of coming out of the “hat” to choose their prize and then in front of the envious watchers the prizes were displayed and they ranged from an Oxo cube, tin of prunes to a £5.00 note in a CD case (yes I was the lucky man!)

Just after the prizegiving the lights were turned down low and in came a cake for Jeremy as he had celebrated his 50th Birthday the day before. So that's one more mature person on the Membership list. Happy Birthday Jeremy.

In summary it turned out to be a great evening, with lots of happy faces and the optimism of looking forward to the start of the 2018 season which is only about 2 months away. Before that there will be one or two social do’s. The first of which will be the F&C supper scheduled for February 17th. Now Fernley’s who have supplied the F&C for years has closed and I believe that Tony & Lynn will be cooking the entire meal at home and then bringing the F&C down to the Club. Unbelievable but nevertheless a superb gesture!!.