Porthpean Sailing Club  

Steak Dinner
October 28th 2017

Another dark evening, Another Social to brighten our lives.

It was decided to hold a Fine Dining Evening at the sailing club. This event came about due to the rumours that Paddy had mastered the art of cooking Fillet Steak to perfection. Tony set the wheels in motion by advertising the "Do" to club members. It was decided that it would be a steak night only, with no veggie option.

Paddy ordered the food and on the day, Tony and Paddy changed the clubhouse into a restaurant. Food was prepared and the fillet steaks were immersed in hot water for 5 hours. This is the secret to success. The method would take too long to describe here, however, the result is remarkable. Once all those attending were seated Paddy and Tony served up a 3 course meal to be savoured.

A Continental Meze Plate starter, Steak with vegetables main, followed by individual Trifles. This was rounded off with coffee and shortbread biscuits baked by Lynn.

I'm sure that melt in the mouth steak will be the image remembered by all those attending for quiet a while.

Thanks to Monsieur Patrick our guest chef for a really good evening. - Tony Dunn.

I believe that Paddy has been practicing his steak cooking routine a few times this year and the reports that came back to me were very, very favourable; so when the invitations went out to Club Members to sample said meal then Sue & I were quickly in the queue to participate, as numbers were limited.

22 people came forward and paid their dinner money and we all gathered in the Club house from 19.00 hrs to be greeted by tables all prepared with cutlery and serviettes laid out. Whilst Paddy was overseeing the final stages of cooking the steaks, Tony and his helpers prepared the starters and sweets.

Soon we were all seated and the first course, the meze, was presented to us, and very tasty it was too, just enough to get our taste buds going ready for the main course. The fillet steak on my plate was very, very tender as were the steaks that everybody else had, judging by the comments I heard. There were plenty of potatoes and peas accompanying the steak for everyone. Once we had all eaten our main course then the tables were cleared and we awaited the sweet which was an individual trifle. Once again it was beautifully presented and tasted exquisite.

We finished up with coffee and shortbread biscuits courtesy of Lynn.

I think the meal was the first time that we have ever had a social like it and I for one will be more than happy to recommend it to everyone next time Paddy decides to cook for us.

Those who missed it, missed a treat, make sure you attend next time!!

For once I didnít take my camera so the only pictures here are ones that were taken on mobile phones. - Lionel