Porthpean Sailing Club  
69 Years of Racing, 1951-2020

Online Quiz Night
April 18th 2020

The whole world is in chaos and lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This deadly virus has affected everyone's way of life and so we are all having to adjust in order to cope.
One thing that isn't going to change is the Porthpean Sailing Club spirit. We can't sail, we can't visit the club, but with the help of technology we can still meet up.
Paddy, the Commodore, asked if I would run an online quiz so that the club could keep ticking over from a social point of view. That brings us to the present and our meet up over the internet via Zoom!!
I put together a general knowledge quiz for those wishing to take part and those that could connect online. Now my I.T. skills are limited and so it was to Paddy I turned to to put the thing together.
He had about 30 of us being able to see each other in a 'chat' room via 'Zoom'. Once I had managed to connect to everyone else, I was able to get the quiz started. It felt very strange, sitting, talking to my computer screen, even though I could see so many familiar faces looking back at me. I had asked everyone taking part to write their answers down using the old fashioned pen & paper method! And it worked and at the end we had joint winners with the Robinsons (not lost in space) and the Popes (not in the smallest country in the world) as the winners and Ken, sitting alone came 2nd.
There were no grand prizes to be won, but that didn't matter. What really mattered was that we were able to connect and see so many smiling faces.
Over time we have all taken some things for granted, but this get together has shown that the community spirit is alive and well. It made me feel warm inside. I hope others felt the same way.

Tony. Soc.Sec