Porthpean Sailing Club  

Fish & Chip Supper
February 20th 2016

The countdown clock to the start of the sailing season shows only 6 weeks to go but before we start sailing there are still some socials to enjoy. Only 2 weeks ago we had the 10 pin bowling night and tonight it was the turn of the much loved Fish & Chip supper.

It’s almost a given now that we have a Fish & Chip supper at the beginning of each season and almost 12 months to the day from the last one saw the 2016 F &C supper evening appear on our social programme. This winter has been characterised by being one constant wet period, stretching right back from last November with very few dry days and indeed is forecast to continue wet for some time yet. So it was a welcome break in this year of dampness to congregate in the Clubhouse for a supper, once again provided by Fernley’s Fish bar in Mount Charles. At least, although the winter has been exceptionally wet it has also been exceptionally mild, so I suppose we can’t have everything.

Over 40 members sat down to enjoy their meal and then it was time for another Tony Dunn quiz, with 40 questions being asked to task our tired brains. The smallest team (quantity wise) was the “Bar” team comprising of Ken & Paddy and judging by Ken’s past quiz’s success and Paddy’s experience in pub quizzes were expected by all to win the highly desirable prize of a box of fudge. Very surprisingly it was the team “Anchors aweigh” with Chris & Sue Hazel, Lynn Dunn and Lionel & Sue Rigby that triumphed and sat on the top step. Just for once the general knowledge aspect of the quiz suited our older brains.

I managed to take a photograph of everyone but I note once again that the quality / sharpness of the pictures are starting to deteriorate somewhat and maybe it is time to invest in a slightly better camera. This one has certainly taken plenty of shots over its time and the electronics may becoming slightly confused.

The socials this year have been coming thick and fast and the next one, the Club walk, will be in 3 weeks time followed 2 weeks later by the fitting out supper, so not too long to wait for the sailing season now.