Porthpean Sailing Club  

2017 f&c supper
February 25th

Believe it or not and please keep it quiet but itís only 10 months to go before Christmas, so it was just the right time to host Porthpeanís annual fish & chip supper. I donít know why but this is always an eagerly anticipated event and this year was certainly not a disappointment as the congregated members found out.

Tony had once again been a model of organisational efficiency and had been badgering us for weeks now to give him our orders and money for our gourmet meal, and bang on time at 20.00 hrs Fernley appeared with an enormous box of fish, chips, burgers and pies. All the meals were delivered as ordered and our feast was supplemented by Club supplied, mushy peas or baked beans, followed by ice creams for all.

I know it is a sign of the times involving health and safety, blah, blah, blah, but would you rather have your fish and chips served up wrapped in newspapers like in the old days? It was always a pleasure to be able to read news that was often a few weeks out of date or read part of a newspaper that you didnít normally read. Anyway I digress.

Truly a sumptuous meal and was enjoyed by all. I donít know why but chips served up at the Club always seem to taste so much better than buying some and taking them home. Maybe itís the good company we sat with. The meal was followed once again by a ďTonyĒ quiz, consisting of 30 questions and with 3 teams vying for 1st position the competition had to go to a tie break question which went the way of the team at the bar, a very knowledgeable bunch. Once again a very well organised evening, thank you Tony

Last nightís meal brought us nicely to the 4 weeks ďto goĒ time of the year, before the sailing starts once again, but with a cold spell imminent it certainly feels that the 4 weeks to go time may be too early for some. Anyway before that magic date we will have the Club walk in 2 weeks time and then the fitting out supper which will coincide with the night the clocks spring forward an hour. Be ready; be prepared

Once again I managed to get a snap or two of most people as can be seen on the collage below. Clicking on any picture will provide an enlargement.