Porthpean Sailing Club

Games Night Feb 18th 2006

There was a good trurn out for a games night at the club of members and guests. The evenings proceedings were started when Tony, the organiser, put labels with famous peoples names on the backs of all who attended,including Chris behind the bar.The idea being to ask questions of each other to try and find out the name of the person you were.The answers given could only be Yes or No. This turned out to be a really good ice breaker of a game, getting everyone involved from the start. Table games were played including,' Draughts ',' Frustration ', ' shove ha'penny ', It was only a fun night but the competative edge from some was plain to see.Pass the Parcel and Marshmallows on strings followed. The evening was rounded off with two teams of ten playing a game of ' Give us a clue '. As each player had to draw on a white board in front of the teams, it was a laugh to see the inventiveness of mind by both young and old alike. All in all it was a good night, enjoyed by all those attending, who did something so different on a cold winters night. This could turn out to be an annual event in the sailing close season.

Report by Tony Dunn

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