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Cadet's Regatta - August 28th 2010

Cadet Regatta Report by James Dowrick

The day started with me, Nigel & Paul driving the Porthpean ribs around to Pentewan whilst Anna, Liz, Ken, Adam, Luke & Chris rigged the six picos, we then towed them around to Porthpean and put them on the beach. We then all got together for a briefing which was held by Gary. We were all told what to do, then we got paired up and went down to the beach to rig our boats and got on the water. We then sailed out to the race area and waited for more instructions from Gary.

Main Race
My Crew was Finn Hawkins and we had a really bad start because two boats came either side of us and took all of our wind. But after a shaky start we were lying in second place at the end of the first beat just behind the leaders Luke & Jamie. On the reach Adam & Jake over took us which was a shame because it was a place we lost for the whole race then came lap two which was a lap for me to forget because I made a really bad tack and we fell further behind. But our team Spongebob did really well in that race with me & Finn in third, Matt & Robert in fourth and Millie and Jess in joint fifth despite Millie & Jess having a capsize they held on to that position. The Sqaurepants team did really well too with Luke & Jamie in first, Adam & Jake in second and Lucy & Tegan in joint fifth. We then all went ashore for some hot chocolate made by Luke & Jamie’s mum Tanya.

Cadet Regatta Fleet Race
Sail No Helm Crew Place Points
1 Luke Bilkie Jamie Bilkie 1 1
2 Adam Eastham Jake Varley 2 2
3 James Dowrick Finn Hawkins 3 3
4 Matt Searle Robert Pryce 4 4
5 Millie Bray Jess Varley 5 5.5
6 Lucy Bray Tegan Pryce 5 5.5

Relay Race
After a nice cup of hot chocolate Gary put us into pairs and then told us when we would be sailing. This race was for the trophy that Kay & Gary kindly donated. It started off with me & Finn and Adam & Jake sailing two picos to the race area. The course was a sausage, which meant us sailing up to the powerboat which had all the other cadets in and coming alongside and swapping crews and helms, we then had to sail around a mark and back to the powerboat and the first team to have all crews and helms sailed were the winners.

So onto the race, It was neck and neck after the first round but then disaster struck for the Squarepants team as they couldn’t swap helm and crew quick enough which allowed my team to pull out in front by that time my team were on the way back and the other team had barely started but credit to the Squarepants team because they finished about half a leg behind us which meant victory for my team and to celebrate all the cadets decided to jump out of the powerboat and into the water and swim from one of the powerboats to another. When we all got ashore it was time for the prize giving. For fourth and joint fifth places the cadets were awarded PSC key fobs. For third, second & first we were awarded with Plaque’s. Then the trophy got given to the winning team and that was Squarepants and then everyone was given a handful of chocolates. Then we all said a big thank you to everyone who helped make this day such a success and extremely enjoyable.

Then came home time but not for some people as me, Nigel & Paul had to tow the picos back to Pentewan and then we left the picos with Anna, Liz, Ken, Adam, Luke & Chris to de-rig them while we drove the Porthpean ribs back to Porthpean and waited for everyone to help us get them on the trailers. After that Me, Nigel, Ken, Liz, Gary & Kay had fish and chips and awaited for the open mike night which turned out to be a very good and relaxing evening.

Pictures below were taken by Chris Bilkie.

Cadet's Regatta


Cadets Training at Roadford Reservoir - May 15th 2010

Report by Katie Eastham

On Saturday 15th May a group of five PSC Cadets attended a youth regatta at Roadford Lake in Devon and I was lucky to be one of them. We met up in the morning at the sailing club and then made the long journey up towards Roadford. We got there about 9.50 and had about 10 minutes to get changed!! Amy, Calluna, Lucy and I were put into the beginners group and James was put into the advanced group as he has had a lot more experience than us. Our first test in the beginners group was to rig the Pico’s. Amy and Lucy did really well and got 4/5 and Calluna and I managed to get full marks, scoring 5/5. The next thing we had to do was to launch the boats; we weren’t given any marks for this just the occasional shout of ‘well done’. We then had to sail around some marks, collect a small ball from a man in a rib and bring it back to our group leader on shore and then launch again and do exactly the same thing. Calluna and I got 4 balls and Lucy and Amy got 3. We then came ashore and had lunch, a BBQ which was included in our entry fee. Afterwards we raced for the entire afternoon. James sailed really well, he was racing the entire day and for a short while was the lead Pico, so I think he needs a pat on the back for that!! We all came off the water feeling good about how well we had done, how much more experience we had and what we had achieved. Even though we didn’t manage to win any trophies we all know that we tried our very best and tried to represent PSC the very best way we could. By Katie Eastham.


Cadets Christmas Party 2009

Report by Maria Eastham

Well the 2009 season for the cadets ended with a mammoth Christmas party held in the very decorative clubhouse on Saturday 19th December. The cadets arrived from 2pm and were treated to lots of party games requiring plenty of balloons, which then led to Anna and Liz playing a very loud game which needed lots of theatrics and screams!!! (they were all very good at this game!!). Following this, the cadets sang and danced the afternoon away with a disco and karaoke supplied by Owen Yelland, who at only 11 is an aspiring DJ...and was very professional . At 5.30 the cadets had a break and feasted on french fries, tomato sauce, pizza, tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, and you've guessed it - tomato sauce, sandwiches and sausages and of course this was followed by cakes, biscuits, jam tarts and other goodies. As soon as the food settled they were off once again with games and even more singing and dancing. The party finished at 8pm and I expect we had some cadets who were asleep on the way home!! It really was a spectacular afternoon and a fitting way to end the 2009 season for the cadets. A big thank you goes out to all of the helpers who very kindly donated some of their time to support myself and the cadets, not only at the Christmas party but throughout the season....it is very much appreciated, thank you!! Watch out for 2010....it's going to be a very busy year for the cadets!!!


5th Cadets Day September 5th 2009

Report by Maria Eastham

At long last the Cadet Activity days have returned for the 2009 season (better late than never!!) and 14 eager Cadets (both old timers and some newer cadets) arrived at the clubhouse for 5 hours worth of fun, frolic’s, shenanigans and giggles. The Clubhouse contained the usual Cadet paraphernalia such as the Xbox, wii, board games, electronic games, arts & crafts, pool and music CDs’ also there was a table tennis set kindly provided by James Dowrick and microphones and an amplifier supplied by Tegan & Robert Pryce. The afternoon kicked off with all the Cadets getting to know one another again and sampling what was to offer, this was quickly followed by a table tennis competition, eventually won by Jess Varley (hurrah) and at 3.30 the Cadets “Porthpeans Got Talent” show began. We had a girls dancing and singing group, a couple of joke telling acts, a singing duet, an amazing reggae solo on electric guitar by Robert Pryce, a fabulous solo Macarena dance act by Matt Morley but the top award and unanimous winning decision had to go to Tegan Pryce for a truly amazing solo act of acoustic guitar and singing…….I kid you not, this young lady has to be heard to be believed and if we ever have an open mike event at the club we really must encourage Tegan to perform for all of us….she really is amazing!!! After the excitement of the show the Cadets all sat down for a feast of hotdog & chips with jelly and ice-cream to follow and as it was such a lovely afternoon they all dined alfresco on the decking area. It is amazing how quickly time does fly when you’re having fun and after a quick pool competition parents arrived to collect their angels who were very full of chocolate, sweets, fizzy stuff, ice-cream, chips….you name it they had it!!! All in all it was a very successful afternoon/evening. Hopefully we will expand the numbers further in October’s meeting and those Cadets who couldn’t make it this time will be able to attend.


4th Cadets Day November 8th 2008

Report by Maria Eastham

On Saturday 8th November 18 cadets arrived at Ozzell Bowl in St. Austell for the eagerly anticipated 1st cadet outing. Three lanes were booked (six cadets per lane) and each team, consisting of younger, older and newer cadets took to their allotted lane and the fun (competition!!!) began. The team captains Adam, Luke and James were all very good and encouraged and helped all of their team mates but always kept a very close eye on the other teams’ scores after every round. There were quite a few strikes and spares during the game and surprisingly, some came from our younger members but every achievement was greeted with cheers and applause and a few good natured cat calls. The parents who stayed for the afternoon seemed to enjoy it as much, if not more than the cadets and one parent in particular (Kate!!) took a couple of bowls for her daughter Evie - just to help her out of course!!! As the game drew to a close the competition seemed to get more intense with each team eyeing the other teams scores and working themselves into a frenzy speculating who would win. Of course there had to be a winning team and despite Luans’ valiant effort from team one with strikes galore, the winning team headed by Luke eventually won. All the cadets then retired to the dining area where they were served with burgers and chips aplenty and the eating competition began!!! The outright winner of that was (I’ll let you guess…..) Every one of the cadets enjoyed themselves and were a credit to themselves, their parents and Porthpean Sailing Club and as the cadets section within the Club goes from strength to strength hopefully a cadets outing will become an annual event, well done cadets. By Maria Eastham.


3rd Cadets Day September 6th 2008

Report by Maria Eastham

Well….meticulous planning and organisation was involved in the 3rd of our cadet afternoons. Sailors, safety boats and cadets were all ready for our afternoon of sailing on Saturday 6th September but unfortunately the weather, once again conspired against us and I had to make the disappointing decision to cancel our outing and retire to the clubhouse once again. Not to be discouraged the cadets brought out the trusted games, both electrical (playstation) and wooden (jenga, noughts and crosses etc) and the fun began but this time with a Tunisian twist. Our holidays this year took the Eastham/Pesticcio clan off to sunny Tunisia and we brought back, amongst other things, a selection of music which we all enjoyed around the pool and in our evening entertainment. The music had a few dance routines to go with it and with much enthusiasm the music was on, volume turned up and the cadets were strutting their stuff!!! (James particularly enjoyed it and I’m hoping to see more of his fancy footwork at the laying up supper). Along with the music and dancing was an Arabian headdress which was modelled by our lovely Jessica Varley. Later in the afternoon the cadets were filled with hotdogs aplenty along with varying amounts of chocolate, sweets and fizzy stuff…. (Sorry Mums – he he!!). I was then presented with a lovely chocolate birthday cake with many candles upon it as it was my 21st birthday that day and after a verse or two of ‘happy birthday’ we all tucked in. Millie Bray especially liked it, as did her fingers and t-shirt!!! It was also especially nice to welcome a new face to our little get togethers. Liam O’Laughlin joined us for the first time, of many more I hope and we were all very happy to see him. So what’s next for us you might ask……? The next planned Cadet afternoon on Saturday November 8th will see the clubhouse empty as we are off to Ozzell Bowl in St Austell. This is a well deserved treat for the Cadets as they have all gelled into a really fantastic group of youngsters who have had a great year and have been a pleasure to represent so look out for the next instalment to see how we got on.


2nd Cadets Day July 5th 2008

Report by Katie & Adam Eastham

Today was the second planned cadets’ afternoon and we were all looking forward to our beach games using the equipment that PSC had so kindly supplied for us. This was not to be as the rained lashed down with no breaks so it was decided that we should retreat into the club house for fun instead. 13 cadets attended and made good use of the games provided for us. There were the usual board games and the Playstation, Wii and DVDs for us to watch. The galley was also well stocked and we spent all of the money given to us by our parents on drinks, chocolate and wiggly worms (we finished them all again – please get some more Jenny!). A big thankyou to Tanya Bilkey who brought chocolate chip cookies and ginger beer – they were lovely. The pool contest was eventually won by the oldest cadet in town….Ray!!! and the girls also had a contest on the Playstation 2 which was won by Jessica Varley. We all had a great time and really look forward to these events, we are making great friends and look forward to seeing each other, not just at these afternoons but on Wednesdays and Sundays too. The next planned afternoon is 6th September and we are all hoping to get out on the water and have lots of fun and to learn stuff as well – we can’t wait.


Report by Adam Eastham

The Cadets have been very busy with a fund raising scheme. They have been collecting pebbles from the beach, then painted pictures on them before applying a coat of varnish. The intention is to sell them to visitors as they walk past the Club on their way to the beach. The pebbles are priced form £1.00 to £2.00 and the monies raised will be donated, half to the RNLI and half to the cadets fund. As of 18/06/08 the monies raised so far amounts to £13.25
Below are some pictures of the remaining pebbles taken by Adam Eastham.

Pebbles for sale Pebbles for sale
Pebbles for sale Pebbles for sale

1st Cadets Day May 17th 2008
Report by Adam Eastham

Well today saw the very first Cadet open afternoon held at Porthpean Sailing Club. 10 cadets attended and were able to get to know one another and let off steam while playing various board games such as jenga, noughts and crosses, labyrinth and shut the box and as well as these we had a Playstation 2 with various games like singstar and buzz monkeys and a we also had a Sony wii with lots of fun games such as Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. The CD player was constantly in use with music that the cadets liked and we also had a hotly contested pool competition which was eventually won by Luke Bilkey (which is argued by James, he isn't pleased). During the afternoon we were able to stock up on goodies from the galley, especially the rainbow worms and we think we might need to get some more in as we went through quite a few!! It was great to meet up with the other cadets that we don’t normally get to see and make new friends and I’m sure that we are all looking forward to the next cadet open afternoon, especially as we have been told that it will be a beach afternoon and we’ll be able to use all of the new equipment that has been bought for us. At the end of the afternoon I know that we were all disappointed that we had to go home, it was a very successful day.