Porthpean Sailing Club

Changing Rooms Ventilation
May 2009

Colin Wainright, our master designer, came up with an idea to help ventilate the changing rooms. He realised that the Clubhouse became quite warm during the summer so he decided that we could harness this warmth and put it to good use by pushing warm air into the changing rooms, which would help air them and also help dry them out.

His idea involved installing ducting from near the roofline in the Clubhouse and with the aid of an electric fan would blow the warm air through the ducting into the changing rooms. Control of the system would be via a thermostat that would run the system when the air was deemed warm enough.

Colin was ably helped in this venture by Tony Dunn. Together they bought the necessary materials, installed the ducting and fan. Nigel completed the electrical system and now we have the benefit of ventilated changing rooms. Below are some photographs taken by Tony during the construction.

Ducting taken up to roof line
Ducting led through cupboard
and into the gents changing room
Colin cutting sheeting to cover in the ducting
Ducting affixed to the ceiling in the gents changing room
Hole cut through the wall to lead into the ladies changing room
System ends in the Ladies changing room
Look closely and note the vent ports
Colin at the ned of the project
Another satisfactory job completed.