Porthpean Sailing Club

Dinghy Park - Make Over
February 27th-March 1st

Quite a while ago, it had been suggested that we should give a much needed make over to the dinghy park. Over the years the sandy base had become pitted with undulations which caused pools of water to gather whenever it rained. The answer was to dig part of the surface up and then recover it with a load of hard core. A couple of Sundays ago we moved all the boats out and up into the field, to give a clear area for Andrew Kendall to come down with his tractor and scrape off the top surface, carry it up to the field, where it was spread around, where hopefully it will give a better surface for parking etc. At the appointed time a lorry containing several tons of hard core arrived at the Club and tipped the lot onto the road right in front of the gate. Andrew using the scoop of his tractor started carrying the hard core into the yard, where it was spread around by the willing volunteers. Things went well for a while until disaster struck. One of the hydraulic control hoses on the tractor burst and suddenly we were without the scoop. With that plain old muscle power came into its own and with the help of a wheel barrow and a dustbin the remaining hard core was carried into the yard and spread around. Finally on Sunday a “Whacker” arrived, which was duly employed to whack the hard core into a much firmer surface. Well time will tell how effective the work will be.
The pictures below show the band of volunteers who arrived on Friday to help Andrew and his tractor carry out the work.