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Return to the Beach.

July 29th

Trial Covid Race

I thought I would do a short report on the first Covid Secure Wednesday evening sail.

Firstly, a big thank you to Jeremy and Suzanne, who volunteered to drive their rib around from Par. They laid a windward leeward course for the six boats that turned up for the event.

It was a warm evening with a SSW wind, force 2 to 3 with a slight chop; in all perfect conditions for a Wednesday shake-down race. Paddy kindly did OOD and counted us down for an on-time 7pm start.

The start line had enough bias to ensure Jeremy’s engine didn’t get clobbered in a pin end tussle, and everyone respected a covidly distanced distance; that is, except for the Kestrel, who got quite pushy and must have had only millimetres to spare as the gun went.

The beat split the fleet, though most headed out to sea from Charlestown, before tacking over to a clearly visible yellow marker in the Ropehaven direction; that is, except for the bully boys in the Kestrel who took the mussel farm marker as the outer mark. It was at that moment, as the last of the fleet were seen scooting back to Charlestown, that the Kestrel spotted the other Yellow Mark, and set off in pursuit.

Ciaran’s new Blaze struggled with the down-wind leg, needing a few more knots in the wind for her to strut her stuff, and Brian’s Laser also appeared to have a bit of lock-down lethargy. The surgeons in the RS400 seemed fine on port tack, but didn’t seem to be pointing well on starboard and I imagine the down-wind leg for Nigel and Ken was a bit sluggish, having to go so far off the line to get a reasonable angle for the asymmetric. Andrew and Jenny smiled their way around the course, just revelling in being back racing. I understand their joy, Scorpions really do look pretty on the water, especially Steve and Craig’s lovely boat, which was receiving a bit of shake-down race tweaking.

Although they didn’t complete rigging their 49er in time for the race, it was great to see the Royle brothers on the water again. I am watching that space with much anticipation and we will have to all be on best behaviour to avoid causing them to slam tack.

I can’t round off without a huge thanks to Paddy and Liz and Ken, who have steered the protocols that made this a Covid safe event.

Pete Barns & co

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